Our services

Project management

We work with organizational projects where we help organizations and companies to improve their communication and decision paths.
We also have experience in running IT infrastructure , sourcing projects from both the host organization and from a customer perspective.

Change management

Our experience is that the challenge for organizations consisting of three problem areas

Too soft
Valuing the harsh values more than the soft ie training , reflection and repetition down priorities and suffer.

Too hard
Change is hard , you have to abandon something safe and known to try something new , which by definition are unknown and therefore less secure.

Too obvious

The principles of effective change can sometimes seem so obvious that it is not
planned enough and/or implemented and followed up in concrete activities

We guide you throughout the Process disregard less of were you are in the process.


Some of the main effects of coaching are:

  • Develops employees to become more self consciuous.
  • The more employees can develop and take responsibility the more they can solve their problems and time in organizations released.
  • Develops communication in the workplace . When you are coaching employees and managers develop the communication to become more transparent, more direct and more trusting .

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