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Believing that someone is addicted is one thing, knowing is something completely different. Usually, you need to go deeper to get a safe answer.

Then a structured tool is needed – a method that relies on scientific standards and guidelines.

ADDIS is an instrument of 75 questions that takes 1-2 hours to go through. It already identifies alcohol and drug addiction at an early stage and gives an idea of ​​how a possible addiction development looks.

You also get information about stress, anxiety indications and screening of depression. All this is important to match the rehabilitation with the person’s problem.

The review of Addis may also have a therapeutic effect on the client who usually finds that he or she is addicted to alcohol or drugs

Project management

We work with organizational projects where we help organizations and companies to improve their communication and decision paths.
We also have experience in running IT infrastructure , sourcing projects from both the host organization and from a customer perspective.

Change management

Our experience is that the challenge for organizations consisting of three problem areas

Too soft
Valuing the harsh values more than the soft ie training , reflection and repetition down priorities and suffer.

Too hard
Change is hard , you have to abandon something safe and known to try something new , which by definition are unknown and therefore less secure.

Too obvious

The principles of effective change can sometimes seem so obvious that it is not
planned enough and/or implemented and followed up in concrete activities

We guide you throughout the Process disregard less of were you are in the process.


Some of the main effects of coaching are:

  • Develops employees to become more self consciuous.
  • The more employees can develop and take responsibility the more they can solve their problems and time in organizations released.
  • Develops communication in the workplace . When you are coaching employees and managers develop the communication to become more transparent, more direct and more trusting .

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