Inperspektive  means  that you put things into perspective. That is what we do…We help you, your organization put things into perspective. we firmly believe that all kinds of changes starts with yourself

Inperspektive is working with organizations and people to enable them to take the next step in their development. And to make them succesfull in their field.

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ADDIS (Addiction) 

Believing that someone  is suffering from an addiction is  one thing, knowing is something completely different. Usually, you need to go deeper to get a safe answer.

Then a structured tool is needed – a method that relies on scientific standards and guidelines.
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Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation 

The program is pedagogically structured to meet the need of both education and emotional development. We work in groups with the 12-step program principles as a basis throughout the treatment philosophy and help the client to embrace these principles in their lives. The treatment rests on a cognitiveand psychodynamic basis. The treatment gives the person basic knowledge of the biological, psychologicaland social factors that a dependence state affects.


Are you living your life to your full potential?

are you thinking  about taking the next step in your career? Or are you new in your postition as a leader?

Or do you just need to find your direction?

then Coaching is for you Coching will unlock your true potential
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